Win Against Upminster

A decent win for Ilford in Essex Division 2,  though the score line rather flattered us.

Jason got lucky against Rob Iannetta who threw his game away when, a pawn up thinking he was winning a knight, left a rook en pris. We were also fortunate on Board 8  when Johal, who with a  pawn one move from promotion, made a disastrous Rook move overlooking a simple Queen check which forked King & Rook, and Umar had the win. Our only loser was new recruit Julian Hudson who had a tough evening with his King stuck in the centre, Khoda’s strong attack won him the game.

Jef had an easy win as Bigg’s queenside castling was dismantled with a Q&R checkmating attack, and Syd won the exchange and swapped pieces into a won endgame. Tom was inferior, but his strong Bishop and queenside pawns paid dividends as he raced a pawn home to win. Neville had a tsrong attack against Aidan Corish’s King but overlooked the winning of a knight in the endgame and it cost him a half. Anthony Kent’s Kings Gambit petered out and the offer of a draw from Black was accepted.

Played 3 in Essex League : won 1, drawn 1, lost 1.

ILFORD  6-2  UPMINSTER II   Monday 21st December 2016

  2. TOM BARTON                1-0  J HANNIFORD 168
  3.  JULIAN HUDSON        0-1  N KHODA  144
  4. JASON KLIMACH          1-0  ROBERT IANNETTA 144
  5. ANTHONY KENT            ½   M RAHAMAN 139
  6. SID KALINSKY             1-0  P ROSENFELD 123
  7. JEF  PAGE                      1-0  PETER BIGGS  131
  8. UMAR YUNIS               1-0  S JOHAL  126


Equal in Enfield


Tuesday 15.11.16       ENFIELD 2  2½-2½  ILFORD

O OLULODE 1-0  default  w





Unfortunately for Ilford, board 1 arrived too late to play and was defaulted so we started a game down. But this was soon countered by a good win for Jef on board 2 against David McNish as his Morra Gambit Accepted took the honours. Then, Leonardo won a pawn and he swiftly won the R&P endgame against Gilberg. Marshall on board 5 had a harder time as he also lost a vital pawn against Kyriacou and couldn’t hold the same colour bishop ending.

This left the match score 2-2 with just Kalinsky to finish. He had had a hard time all evening defending a Kings Gambit Declined with his King left stranded in the centre of the board under all sorts of attack from Q, R’s & N. But, he wriggled around so well to earn the draw.

So far so good for us: 2 match wins for Ilford, and one drawn- unbeaten!



Honours Even v Beckenham & Charlton


Thursday – 10 November 2016

A terrific draw given Ilford were outgraded on most boards. Big welcome to Perry with a win on his first appearance for Ilford. A win, a draw and a defeat so far this season in London Division 2.

Toss won by Beckenham.

  Beckenham & Charlton GRADE SCORE Ilford GRADE
1 A. Hanreck 197 ½ – ½ Paolo Casachi           (b) 175
2 A. Stebbings 208 1 – 0 Neville H Twitchell(w) 173
3 J. Quinn 188 1 – 0 Kevin D White 172
4 B. Plumhoff 176 0 – 1 Perry Siriyatorn 170
5 D. Morris 175 0 – 1 David Millward 166
6 J. Lewin 169 0 – 1 Tom A Barton 167
7 J. Gibb 157 ½ – ½ Julian Hudson 154
8 A. Heard 149 1 – 0 Anthony R Kent 153
9 J. Everson 148 ½ – ½ Jeffrey Page 130
10 J. Griffiths 147 ½ – ½ Nick Pelling 118
Total 5 – 5

At least we won the toss….

Essex Chess League  Division 2.  Monday 7th November

Redbridge Social Club


  1. NEVILLE TWITCHELL            0-1   H GRIST  181
  2. TONY KENT                              0-1   M SHAW  173
  3. JASON KLIMACH                     0-1   N SUTHERLAND 171
  4. SYD KALINSKY                          ½   C WESTRAP  170
  5. JEF PAGE                                    0-1   S WEDLOCK 159
  6. UMAR YUNIS                            0-1  D DARTNELL  147

Ilford won the toss, white on odds. We should probably have got a few more points, but well beaten by the league favourites.

On Board 2, play went 12. Bxfch Kxf 13.Qd5ch to reach position below.
Black interceded 13…Be6 which is OK, but the computer says 13…e6! which is very strong in all lines. Hard to find over the board in a match.



London League – off the mark against Imperial College

With Imperial fielding a fairly weak team we won this match 7-3 . A good draw for Kevin on board 1.

1  Constantin Mueller 210(b)        1/2-1/2 Kevin D White 172 (b)
2  Adam A Taylor 212                           1-0    Neville H Twitchell 173
3  Isabel Steimbach es170                 1-0     David Millward 166
4  Mark Cox-Smith 145                     0-1     Tom A Barton 167
5  Juan Manuel Arteaga 142             0-1      Leslie J Crane 165
6 Ching Yung 131                                  0-1      Julian Hudson 154
7 Ian Leko 102                                        0-1      Anthony R Kent 153
8 Omar Haque                                1/2-1/2      Jason W Klimach 148
9 Apurva Deshpande 116               0-1         Jeffrey Page 130
10 Thivan Gunawardana es100     0-1        Grant Gericke 128

Result                                                  3   7

Essex League: Honours Even Away to Barking

Essex Chess League Division 2 Thursday 20th October, at Barking

BARKING II 4-4 ILFORD     Venue: St Ethelburga Club, Barking

Unfortunately Ilford couldn’t find a last minute reserve to make a full team, but in the end, it was probably Barking who escaped with the draw.

Neville made short work of Colin Ramage who left a piece en prise. Kalinsky made a welcome return to the team after his recent operation but couldn’t end his recuperation with a win. On the bottom boards Umar Yunis created a terrific attack but went astray and lost a knight, whilst Leonardo although a pawn down, calmly held his game together so well he secured a draw.

Tom Barton clogged up Ken Clow’s queenside but couldn’t quite find the win, but Anthony Kent’s Dutch defence held off Bennett’s aggressive early e4 line creating a strong pawn chain leading to victory.

The drawn match was clinched when Jef put in an attack with two knights which won the exchange, and with his rooks controlling the centre, allowed a win in the endgame with just seconds remaining – the extra 10 seconds per move proving crucial.


Board    Barking II                            4-4       Ilford
1      161  Colin Ramage                    0-1      Neville Twitchell  173
2     153  Kenneth Clow                  ½-½    Tom Barton  167
3      142  Christopher  Bennett 0-1        Anthony Kent 153
4      135  Gholamreza Ansari     1-0        Syd Kalinsky 148
5      129  George Monk               0-1        Jeffrey Page 130
6      126  Vladimir Chtym          1-0        Umar Yunis 118
7       90   Alexander Bowhill    ½-½      Leonardo Stefanoni 109
8       132 John Figgins                  1-0       Default


Life in London Division 2

Not the best start to the season after relegation to London League Division 2…….


To miquote Lady Bracknall, one late withdrawal is unfortunate, but two late withdrawals left us with needing wins to get anything. Our points came from draws on the night, and Julian’s passed rook’s pawn won post adjournment. The only way is up.

Streatham & Brixton 2 GRADE SCORE ILFORD GRADE

1 Robin Haldane 188         ½ – ½    Paolo Casaschi (w)175
2 Andrew Ponting 171      ½ – ½    Neville H Twitchell (b)173
3 James McDonnell 169   ½ – ½    Tom A Barton 167
4 Martin Smith 173           ½ – ½     Gary Thurston est 164
5 Alan Hayward 168           1 – 0     Aidan Corish159
6 Antony Hall 165                0 -1      Julian Hudson 154
7 Jagdip Patel 155            ½ – ½     Anthony Kent 153
8 Nello Attianese 165       1 – 0     Jeffrey Page 130
9 Walkover                           1 – 0      Forfeited
10 Walkover                         1 – 0      Forfeited
Total                                      6½ – 3½


Ilford Enter the North Circular League

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

…and win our first match!

Redbridge Social Centre, Monday 19th September, 7.30pm

ILFORD                                        4-1   WANSTEAD 3
UMAR YUNIS                            1-0    MARK MURRELL 157
MARSHALL TUTU                  0-1      K JARDINE 108

An excellent start for Ilford in the NCCL beating Wanstead 3, our local. It’s a new league and venture for us, and there are many more matches against strong teams to come. Our 3 juniors on boards 2, 3, and 4 completely outplayed higher graded adults.
Lavanan quickly established a strong King’s Gambit attack against Collyer’s Falkbeer opening which went badly wrong and Ainkaran mopped up the endgame: King, rook and pawn against a lone, overworked knight and King. Similarly Leonardo’s kingside attack was at first held up by Siddo, but holding a pawn advantage into the endgame Stefanoni marched his King and pawns up the board to victory. On board 2 Murrell had a constrained opening tied and mislaid a knight to Umar’s Queen, knight and bishop attack. Paul Barclay was reduced to passive defence but eventually Neville blasted his way through. Our only loser was Marshall which was very generous of us as we allowed Jardine to play even though we could have defaulted him for arriving too late. But his play was strong once he had regained his breath, settled down, and he won the ending.
In this league the away team always has white on board 1.